Notifications provide contextual feedback about events that have occurred on the current or previous screen. Sitefinity uses four standard notifications: informational, success, error and warning. Notifications can be static – remain on screen until the issue is resolved; dismissible – user can hide them manually, usually by clicking an “x” button; temporary – appear for a period of time and then fade away. Notifications can also be stationary – displayed in a specific place of the layout, or floating – fixed on a specific XY position of the browser, so when the user scrolls a page the notification is always visible.

  • Info

    Used to display neutral information about the behavior of the interface or a specific functionality and does not warrant immediate action. Should not be used to display regular text, but rather be related to an event in the system.

    Informative notification is displayed here.
  • Success

    Used to communicate a successfully completed action, such as publishing a content item. 

    Success notification is displayed here.
  • Error

    Reserved for malfunctions of the system or wrongful user actions. Such critical issues may need immediate attention or should be resolved before proceeding to other work.

    Error notification is displayed here.
  • Warning

    Used in situations that need the user attention and acknowledgment but might not need an immediate resolution before continuing. It may prevent destructive actions before they occur and warns user to act with caution.

    Warning notification is displayed here.
  • Dismissible Notification

    Some notifications can be dismissed by the user manually. Use a "close" button for notifications that are important, and you need the users' confirmation they have seen them. You can also use dismissible notifications for messages that take longer to disappear, and some users may want to discard them faster.

    Content has been published successfully.

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