Visual element for feedback on saving, retrieving data and various transitions while performing slow computations. It is recommended to set minimum time for display of any loader. Try to show loaders for at least 600 to 1000 ms.

  • Default Loader

    Used for feedback in buttons, sidebar transitions, loading content in columns. 

  • Large Loader

    Used for feedback when loading content of modals and other screens.

  • Mini Loader

    Used for loading action menus.

  • Page Loader

    Used for loading pages.

  • Skeleton Title

    Used for titles in content editing screens.

  • Skeleton Content

    Used for body content in list and editing screens.

  • Skeleton List

    Used for content in lists.

  • Skeleton with Thumb

    Used for content in document selectors.

  • Skeleton Sidebar

    Used for loading elements in sidebars.

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