Sitefinity interface incorporates features enabling people with disabilities to perceive, understand, navigate the system and perform their tasks. We follow the accessibility standards and the interface can be used with the major screen readers.

Keyboard Navigation

Sitefinity content editing experience is accessible using the keyboard. Users can move between menus, buttons, links, text fields and other interface components by using the Tab, Enter and other keystrokes. Focused elements follow a logical order and to promote ease of use and avoid disorientation. Browser outline makes visually prominent any focused element. Outline can be switched on and off based on user preferences.

Customizable Theme for Greater Contrast

Sitefinity interface is designed to be distraction free and to resemble writing on a white sheet of paper. Therefore the layout is clean and only the content created and the primary action elements stand out. Any elements of secondary importance are relegated. Although the interface has enough contrast between the color of text, actionable elements and background, visually impaired people may prefer a higher contrast level.

The solution for such needs is the customize backend theme, where colors of specific components can be adjusted according to the desired shades. These include:

  • Button colors, such as border, background, and text color
  • Secondary text, such as notes and descriptions of UI elements
  • Input placeholder text, such as hints for input fields

See full list of customizable elements

Keyboard Shortcuts

To speed up the work of people needing assistance and make more efficient everyone else while using the Sitefinity interface we created a set of keyboard shortcuts. Major actions that can be executed while browsing, managing and editing content have their shortcut equivalents.

See full list of keyboard shortcuts

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